Tanu virtual Technology IT Consulting is a premier managed IT services organization that helps businesses make strategic, long-term IT decisions to align technology with business objectives and improve operational efficiency. We offer managed IT, VoIP, and cloud hosting services so that our clients can benefit by placing uptime and support responsibilities on us through Service Level Agreements, allowing them to forecast monthly IT costs to minimize major issues with a proactive approach. Hiring our team of experienced IT professionals is comparable to the cost of one full-time employee, providing you with the resources you need to manage all of your IT and VoIP needs.

We are continually driven by a dedication to support our clients with comprehensive offerings, providing a one-stop shop for your technology needs. If you ever have a technology-related question or problem, your search for answers starts with one phone call to us.


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Managed IT outsources day-to-day IT management responsibilities on a proactive basis, functioning as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. We provide a variety of managed IT services to help your organization.

Tanuvtech IT Consulting can go beyond traditional infrastructure setups to help organizations scale in a standardized and centralized way as well as adhere to ever-changing compliance standards by using the cloud as a more efficient way to manage their Hosting needs.

Tanuvtech IT Consulting can complete IT projects of any size efficiently and with minimal interruption to normal business operations. We handle time-consuming IT projects the could distract an organization’s IT department from day-to-day responsibilities.